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Cozy Ice Away Will Make Your Winter Easier!
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Cozy foot warmers.

Cozy Foot Warmers

Cozy Foot Warmers are the real deal. Your freezing toes will defrost, and you will be amazed at how happy you will be.
Experience the marvelous comfort of Cozy Legs leg & foot warming products from American Office Solutions. They cost little more to operate than a lightbulb, but oh how your feet and legs will thank you!

Made in USA.Cozy Foot Warmers are safe, economical and ready to make your life better!

Safety - Can't overload (maximum wattage: 90), much safer than space heaters.
Economy - Draws no more power than a light bulb, costs pennies a day to use!
Portability - Take a "Cozy" warmer where YOU need one.
Neutral Finishes - Works anywhere that you do.
Affordable - An honest product that pays for itself in no time- by increasing your comfort, reducing your time out of the office due to colds, and giving you the productivity edge!

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Cozy foot warmer from American Office Solutions.

 Cozy Foot Warmers
 Regular Size  

 Shipping Weight: 5 LBS
 20.5"L X 13.75"W X .25 "D
 115VAC, 90 Watts, 0.7 Amps
 ETL listed USA and Canada

1 Cozy Foot Warmer
- $ 61.

2 Cozy Foot Warmers
- $ 59. 

3 Cozy Foot Warmers or more
- $ 57. 
Cozy foot warmer from American Office Solutions.

 Cozy Foot Warmers
 Large Size  

 Shipping Weight: 7 LBS
 38"L X 16"W X .25 "D
 115VAC, 135 Watts, 0.7 Amps
 ETL listed USA and Canada

1 Cozy Foot Warmer
- $ 89.

2 Cozy Foot Warmers
- $ 87. 

3 Cozy Foot Warmers or more
- $ 85. 
Hi lo off switch for cozy legs

 hi lo off switch for cozy legs

 Hi-Lo-Off Switch
 See description just below.

1 Hi-Lo-Off Switch
- $ 16.50

2 Hi-Lo-Off Switch
es - $ 15.50 

3 Hi-Lo-Off Switches or more
- $ 14.50 
Foot warmer large image.

Cozy Foot Warmers

Cozy foot warmer from American Office Solutions.Cozy foot warmers are indicated specifically in places where a person must spend a lot of time.

They are perfect for cold and drafty work situations, both in offices and factories. There is little doubt that employees who aren't miserable, numb and shivering are happier and more productive.

They will benefit seniors whose limbs tend to be more sensitive to the cold, both at home and in assisted living facilities.

Try the Cozy Legs Foot Warmer in your place of business, residence or factory.


The Hi-Lo-On/Off Switch is super-convenient..

hi lo off switch for cozy legsPurchasing the Hi/Lo/Off Dual Heat Switch is highly recommended. It offers a truly convenient way to both turn the unit on and off, and adjust to a lower heating setting when the maximum is no longer desired.

Sometimes you only need a moderate amount of heating, and you'll appreciate the convenience the switch offers you to easily toggle as needed, and the ease of turning the unit off without having to scramble at floor-level with an outlet.

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